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Neil Howe and Richard Jackson’s work on demography and geopolitics is featured in a new anthology from Paradigm Press, Political Demography: How Population Changes Are Reshaping International Security and National Politics. The anthology examines the global and historical context behind the politics of population change. “Ten years ago, [demography] was hardly on the radar screen,” remarked Howe and Jackson, who collaborated on the Global Aging Initiative at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS). “Today it dominates almost any discussion of America’s long-term fiscal, economic, or foreign-policy direction.”

Political Demography was edited by Jack A. Goldstone (George Mason University), Eric P. Kaufmann (Birkbeck College, University of London), and Monica Duffy Toft (Harvard University). Other contributors include Mark Haas (Duquesne University), Jennifer Dabbs Sciubba (Rhodes College), and William H. Frey (Brookings Institution).

The paperback edition of the anthology will be issued in May 2012.

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