Millennials Go To College, Second Edition Released; Workplace Book on the Horizon

Last Updated: Jul. 7, 2014

The second edition of Millennials Go To College is now available! This wholly updated edition features the latest data on the Millennial Generation and how they are changing—and will continue to change—college life. A new chapter addresses the shift from Boomer to Gen-X parents of college students, the next big transition on the doorstep of higher education. The new edition also presents original survey results on college students and the parents of college students. This exciting new feature is sponsored by Datatel Corporation and Chartwells, and was carried out by Crux Research in collaboration with LifeCourse Associates.

Millennials in the Workplace is also currently underway. Secondary and post-secondary career counselors, employers, training institutes, and government officials are all beginning to ask: What motivates the post-X generation now entering the workplace? In response to rising demand, LifeCourse has begun work on this new publication, which will be released in the spring of 2007. A definitive guide on how to attract, motivate, recruit, and retain a rising generation of employees, the book will bring the same powerful generational perspective to the workplace that Millennials go to College did to post-secondary education.