Generations in the News: Archive

Below are selected articles about generations in the media.

Note: Those authored by Neil Howe and/or William Strauss are highlighted light yellow; those in which Howe and/or Strauss have been quoted are marked with an orange asterisk before the title (∗)

Date Media Outlet Writer/Reporter Headline
11/30/2015 Forbes Howe, Neil The Eye Care Industry Focuses On Boomers -- And Millennials
11/26/2015 Journal Star Blanchette, David MacMurray College Professor's Book Defines Generations By The Words They Use
11/17/2015 NonDoc Thompson, John A Teacher’s Tale: Joy, Tragedy And Weirdness
11/16/2015 Forbes Howe, Neil Why Do Millennials Love Political Correctness? Generational Values
11/16/2015 Goldseek Mauldin, John Thoughts From The Frontline: The Gig Economy Is The New Normal
10/30/2015 Forbes Howe, Neil A Rising Generation Of Eurosceptics
10/27/2015 Bloomberg Business Colby, Laura For Millennial Business Majors, Identity 101 Required Course
10/25/2015 The Orange County Register Kotkin, Joel The Looming Political Battle Of The Ages
10/23/2015 Financial Sense Howe, Neil US Banks Face An Uncertain Future
10/22/2015 The Globe and Mail White, Shelley Canadian University Report 2016: The Generation Z Effect
10/22/2015 The Globe and Mail LeBlanc, Dave A Great, Secluded Home That Kept Its 1960s Charms Intact
10/21/2015 The Christian Science Monitor Jackson, Molly Who's Narcissistic? Millennials Outdo Parents In Volunteering And Charity
10/20/2015 Jamie Notter Notter, Jamie Generational Differences Are Real
10/20/2015 Los Angeles Times Friedman, Ann Op-Ed: It's Millennials' Turn To Take The Blame For The Downfall Of Society
10/19/2015 The Straits Times Karekar, Rupali At Work, Gen Y Not As Confident As They Appear: Study
10/17/2015 Rollmann, Hans Is A New Generation Finally Asserting Itself?
10/15/2015 Forbes Howe, Neil The Future Of Investing
10/14/2015 Chronicle of Higher Education Metcalf, Allan ‘Skedaddle,’ ‘Selfie,’ And Many More Words Of The Generations
10/13/2015 Zero Hedge Durden, Tyler What Keeps Neil Howe Up At Night: An Interview With The Author Of "The Fourth Turning"
10/12/2015 The Toronto Star Patch, Nick P Is For #Picky: Are Millennials Obsessed With Language?
10/11/2015 FX Street Dent, Harry S. This Generational Pattern Shows Why Millennials Are So Different
10/08/2015 The Hub Manners, Tim Silent Z
10/08/2015 Alternet McClennen, Sophia A. The Staggering Ways America Is Rigged To Traumatize And Impoverish Kids Coming Out Of College
10/08/2015 The California Aggie Wu, Jennifer The Millennial Age: Why Generation Y May Be The Smartest Generation
10/07/2015 Forbes Sharf, Samantha The 11 Best Pieces Of Advice For All Millennials From The Under 30 Summit
10/07/2015 Independent Journal Rupp, Kelsey If (And Possibly Why) Voters Watch The First Democratic Primary Debate Depends On Their Age
10/06/2015 Payments Source Hall, Joseph Mobile Payment Is The Big Winner In Mobile Gaming
09/30/2015 Forbes Howe, Neil The Return Of The Spinster
09/25/2015 San Antonio Express-News Calvert Jr., Tommy Millennials Have Potential For New Kind Of Leadership
09/25/2015 Financial Sense Howe, Neil The Gig Economy Is Alive And Growing
09/21/2015 Rappler Loresco, Shadz Marketing To Millennials
09/18/2015 The New York Times Williams, Alex Move Over, Millennials, Here Comes Generation Z
09/16/2015 Forbes Howe, Neil Another Day Younger And Deeper In Debt
09/11/2015 The Market Oracle Quinn, James The Fourth Turning: Crisis Of Trust
09/06/2015 The Medina Gazette Rhoades, NIkki Brunswick High School Plans Mental Health Series
09/05/2015 Wyborcza Jarkowiec, Maciej Milenialsi Odmienią świat? [Will Millennials Change The World?]
09/04/2015 Civil Beat Fox, Chloe In With The New: How History Repeats Itself And Gen Z’s Coming Out Party
09/04/2015 CT News Junkie Canty, Leo OP-ED | Labor Day 2015
09/03/2015 Observer Quigley, Bernie Will China Invade Alaska, Canada? Will Russia?
09/03/2015 The Atlantic Pinkser, Joe Most Millennials Reject The Term 'Millennial'
08/31/2015 Entrepreneur Zipkin, Nina 5 Millennial Myths To Avoid
08/31/2015 The National Matthewman, Jim Generation Y Employees -- What Defines And Drives Them
08/30/2015 The Straits Times Varma, Ankita What Makes Gen Y Tick
08/26/2015 Forbes Howe, Neil Do The Fine Arts Have A Future?
08/26/2015 ArtNet News Chu, Christie 10 Surprising Habits Of Millennial Art Collectors
08/25/2015 Gillman, Faith For Boomers, The Beat Goes On
08/24/2015 MultiHousing News Lowenstein, Andie From Gen Z To Baby Boomers: Study Up On The Next Crop Of Renters
08/24/2015 Forbes Sharf, Samantha What Is A 'Millennial' Anyway? Meet The Man Who Coined The Phrase
08/20/2015 Mauldin Economics Mauldin, John Outside The Box: Another Day Younger And Deeper In Debt
08/16/2015 Reading Eagle Richter, Adam Reading Superintendent Defies Perceptions Of Gen Xers
08/16/2015 Reading Eagle Richter, Adam Even Generation X Falls Into The Trap Of Nostalgiaers
08/16/2015 Reading Eagle Richter, Adam Gen X Makes Its Mark
08/14/2015 Centre College Murrell, Elise L. Coffee, Conversation And Camaraderie At Theory Camp 2015
08/13/2015 Financial Sense (Staff) Demographic Expert Neil Howe Says America's Troubles Will Last Another Decade
08/12/2015 Forbes Howe, Neil Revisiting The Homeland Generation (Part 2 Of 2)
08/07/2015 The Washington Post Mui, Ylan Q. I’m A Millennial With A Minivan, And I Feel Pretty Great About It
08/04/2015 The Bulletin Henderson, Tim Living On The Edge Of The Big City
08/04/2015 The Korea Herald Fouser, Robert J. Millennial Generation And Korea
07/31/2015 Forbes Howe, Neil Revisiting The Homeland Generation (Part 1 Of 2)
07/31/2015 Huffington Post Graff, Lindsey 6 Reasons Your Next Hire Should Be A Millennial
07/15/2015 Forbes Howe, Neil Why Millennials Are Texting More And Talking Less
07/14/2015 Market Watch Berman, Jillian Why 4,000 Millennials Are Gathering In The Nation’s Capital
07/08/2015 The New York Times Warner, Judith The Challenges At The Core Of Feminist Agenda Remain
07/03/2015 Tru News Wiles, Rick Friday July 3, 2015 - Neil Howe Interview
07/02/2015 LinkedIn Tavares, Erico The Fourth Turning – An Interview With Neil Howe
06/30/2015 Forbes Howe, Neil The Boom In Disability Benefits
06/16/2015 Forbes Howe, Neil Why Home Services Marketplaces Offer More Than Just Renovations
06/03/2015 York Dispatch Schladebeck, Jessica Millennials In York, Across U.S. Wait To Start Families
05/28/2015 Forbes Howe, Neil What's Behind The Decline In Crime?
05/18/2015 Market Watch Berman, Jillian Many Millennials Hate Being Called ‘millennial’
05/14/2015 Forbes Howe, Neil Artificial Intelligence Paves The Way For Ambient Intelligence
05/12/2015 Mashable Kulp, Patrick What To Call The Generation After Millennials: The Homeland Generation
04/30/2015 Forbes Howe, Neil Will Anti-Aging Drugs Lead To A Brave New World?
04/17/2015 Congressional Institute (Staff) Congressional Institute Releases New Study On Millennials' Political Values
04/16/2015 Forbes Howe, Neil Voc-Ed Makes A Comeback
03/31/2015 Forbes Howe, Neil Open Offices Back In Vogue -- Thanks To Millennials
03/18/2015 Forbes Howe, Neil What's Feeding The Growth Of The Billion-Dollar "Unicorn" Startups?
03/16/2015 The Wall Street Journal Elinson, Zusha Aging Baby Boomers Bring Drug Habits Into Middle Age
02/27/2015 Forbes Howe, Neil Anti-Vaxxers Are Spreading Concern
02/18/2015 Chartered Management Institute Evans, Laura The Trouble With Managing Generation X
02/11/2015 Forbes Howe, Neil Millennials Don't Want To 'Embrace Failure'
01/28/2015 Forbes Howe, Neil U.S. Birthrate Falls Again
01/26/2015 New York Post Barone, Michael Are Millennials The New Victorians?
01/19/2015 Forbes Howe, Neil Violence And Mental Illness
01/01/2015 FunWorld William, Prasana Drawing Future Visitors - Make Way For Millennials