Generations in the News (Archive)

Below are selected articles about generations in the media.

Note: Those authored by Neil Howe and/or William Strauss are highlighted light yellow; those in which Howe and/or Strauss have been quoted are marked with an orange asterisk before the title (∗).

Date Media Outlet Writer/Reporter Headline
11/30/2015 Forbes Howe, Neil The Eye Care Industry Focuses On Boomers -- And Millennials
11/26/2015 Journal Star Blanchette, David MacMurray College Professor's Book Defines Generations By The Words They Use
11/17/2015 NonDoc Thompson, John A Teacher’s Tale: Joy, Tragedy And Weirdness
11/16/2015 Forbes Howe, Neil Why Do Millennials Love Political Correctness? Generational Values
11/16/2015 Goldseek Mauldin, John Thoughts From The Frontline: The Gig Economy Is The New Normal
10/30/2015 Forbes Howe, Neil A Rising Generation Of Eurosceptics
10/27/2015 Bloomberg Business Colby, Laura For Millennial Business Majors, Identity 101 Required Course
10/25/2015 The Orange County Register Kotkin, Joel The Looming Political Battle Of The Ages
10/23/2015 Financial Sense Howe, Neil US Banks Face An Uncertain Future
10/22/2015 The Globe and Mail White, Shelley Canadian University Report 2016: The Generation Z Effect
10/22/2015 The Globe and Mail LeBlanc, Dave A Great, Secluded Home That Kept Its 1960s Charms Intact
10/21/2015 The Christian Science Monitor Jackson, Molly Who's Narcissistic? Millennials Outdo Parents In Volunteering And Charity
10/20/2015 Jamie Notter Notter, Jamie Generational Differences Are Real
10/20/2015 Los Angeles Times Friedman, Ann Op-Ed: It's Millennials' Turn To Take The Blame For The Downfall Of Society
10/19/2015 The Straits Times Karekar, Rupali At Work, Gen Y Not As Confident As They Appear: Study
10/17/2015 Rollmann, Hans Is A New Generation Finally Asserting Itself?
10/15/2015 Forbes Howe, Neil The Future Of Investing
10/14/2015 Chronicle of Higher Education Metcalf, Allan ‘Skedaddle,’ ‘Selfie,’ And Many More Words Of The Generations
10/13/2015 Zero Hedge Durden, Tyler What Keeps Neil Howe Up At Night: An Interview With The Author Of "The Fourth Turning"
10/12/2015 The Toronto Star Patch, Nick P Is For #Picky: Are Millennials Obsessed With Language?
10/11/2015 FX Street Dent, Harry S. This Generational Pattern Shows Why Millennials Are So Different
10/08/2015 The Hub Manners, Tim Silent Z
10/08/2015 Alternet McClennen, Sophia A. The Staggering Ways America Is Rigged To Traumatize And Impoverish Kids Coming Out Of College
10/08/2015 The California Aggie Wu, Jennifer The Millennial Age: Why Generation Y May Be The Smartest Generation
10/07/2015 Forbes Sharf, Samantha The 11 Best Pieces Of Advice For All Millennials From The Under 30 Summit
10/07/2015 Independent Journal Rupp, Kelsey If (And Possibly Why) Voters Watch The First Democratic Primary Debate Depends On Their Age
10/06/2015 Payments Source Hall, Joseph Mobile Payment Is The Big Winner In Mobile Gaming
09/30/2015 Forbes Howe, Neil The Return Of The Spinster
09/25/2015 San Antonio Express-News Calvert Jr., Tommy Millennials Have Potential For New Kind Of Leadership
09/25/2015 Financial Sense Howe, Neil The Gig Economy Is Alive And Growing
09/21/2015 Rappler Loresco, Shadz Marketing To Millennials
09/18/2015 The New York Times Williams, Alex Move Over, Millennials, Here Comes Generation Z
09/16/2015 Forbes Howe, Neil Another Day Younger And Deeper In Debt
09/11/2015 The Market Oracle Quinn, James The Fourth Turning: Crisis Of Trust
09/06/2015 The Medina Gazette Rhoades, NIkki Brunswick High School Plans Mental Health Series
09/05/2015 Wyborcza Jarkowiec, Maciej Milenialsi Odmienią świat? [Will Millennials Change The World?]
09/04/2015 Civil Beat Fox, Chloe In With The New: How History Repeats Itself And Gen Z’s Coming Out Party
09/04/2015 CT News Junkie Canty, Leo OP-ED | Labor Day 2015
09/03/2015 Observer Quigley, Bernie Will China Invade Alaska, Canada? Will Russia?
09/03/2015 The Atlantic Pinkser, Joe Most Millennials Reject The Term 'Millennial'
08/31/2015 Entrepreneur Zipkin, Nina 5 Millennial Myths To Avoid
08/31/2015 The National Matthewman, Jim Generation Y Employees -- What Defines And Drives Them
08/30/2015 The Straits Times Varma, Ankita What Makes Gen Y Tick
08/26/2015 Forbes Howe, Neil Do The Fine Arts Have A Future?
08/26/2015 ArtNet News Chu, Christie 10 Surprising Habits Of Millennial Art Collectors
08/25/2015 Gillman, Faith For Boomers, The Beat Goes On
08/24/2015 MultiHousing News Lowenstein, Andie From Gen Z To Baby Boomers: Study Up On The Next Crop Of Renters
08/24/2015 Forbes Sharf, Samantha What Is A 'Millennial' Anyway? Meet The Man Who Coined The Phrase
08/20/2015 Mauldin Economics Mauldin, John Outside The Box: Another Day Younger And Deeper In Debt
08/16/2015 Reading Eagle Richter, Adam Reading Superintendent Defies Perceptions Of Gen Xers
08/16/2015 Reading Eagle Richter, Adam Even Generation X Falls Into The Trap Of Nostalgiaers
08/16/2015 Reading Eagle Richter, Adam Gen X Makes Its Mark
08/14/2015 Centre College Murrell, Elise L. Coffee, Conversation And Camaraderie At Theory Camp 2015
08/13/2015 Financial Sense (Staff) Demographic Expert Neil Howe Says America's Troubles Will Last Another Decade
08/12/2015 Forbes Howe, Neil Revisiting The Homeland Generation (Part 2 Of 2)
08/07/2015 The Washington Post Mui, Ylan Q. I’m A Millennial With A Minivan, And I Feel Pretty Great About It
08/04/2015 The Bulletin Henderson, Tim Living On The Edge Of The Big City
08/04/2015 The Korea Herald Fouser, Robert J. Millennial Generation And Korea
07/31/2015 Huffington Post Graff, Lindsey 6 Reasons Your Next Hire Should Be A Millennial
07/15/2015 Forbes Howe, Neil Why Millennials Are Texting More And Talking Less
07/14/2015 Market Watch Berman, Jillian Why 4,000 Millennials Are Gathering In The Nation’s Capital
07/08/2015 The New York Times Warner, Judith The Challenges At The Core Of Feminist Agenda Remain
07/03/2015 Tru News Wiles, Rick Friday July 3, 2015 - Neil Howe Interview
07/02/2015 LinkedIn Tavares, Erico The Fourth Turning – An Interview With Neil Howe
06/30/2015 Forbes Howe, Neil The Boom In Disability Benefits
06/16/2015 Forbes Howe, Neil Why Home Services Marketplaces Offer More Than Just Renovations
06/03/2015 York Dispatch Schladebeck, Jessica Millennials In York, Across U.S. Wait To Start Families
05/28/2015 Forbes Howe, Neil What's Behind The Decline In Crime?
05/18/2015 Market Watch Berman, Jillian Many Millennials Hate Being Called ‘millennial’
05/14/2015 Forbes Howe, Neil Artificial Intelligence Paves The Way For Ambient Intelligence
05/12/2015 Mashable Kulp, Patrick What To Call The Generation After Millennials: The Homeland Generation
04/30/2015 Forbes Howe, Neil Will Anti-Aging Drugs Lead To A Brave New World?
04/17/2015 Congressional Institute (Staff) Congressional Institute Releases New Study On Millennials' Political Values
04/16/2015 Forbes Howe, Neil Voc-Ed Makes A Comeback
03/31/2015 Forbes Howe, Neil Open Offices Back In Vogue -- Thanks To Millennials
03/18/2015 Forbes Howe, Neil What's Feeding The Growth Of The Billion-Dollar "Unicorn" Startups?
03/16/2015 The Wall Street Journal Elinson, Zusha Aging Baby Boomers Bring Drug Habits Into Middle Age
02/27/2015 Forbes Howe, Neil Anti-Vaxxers Are Spreading Concern
02/18/2015 Chartered Management Institute Evans, Laura The Trouble With Managing Generation X
02/11/2015 Forbes Howe, Neil Millennials Don't Want To 'Embrace Failure'
01/28/2015 Forbes Howe, Neil U.S. Birthrate Falls Again
01/26/2015 New York Post Barone, Michael Are Millennials The New Victorians?
01/19/2015 Forbes Howe, Neil Violence And Mental Illness
01/01/2015 FunWorld William, Prasana Drawing Future Visitors - Make Way For Millennials
12/30/2014 Forbes Howe, Neil The New Reality Of U.S. Immigration
12/17/2014 Forbes Howe, Neil If Comcast Loses, Millennials Win
11/30/2014 Forbes Howe, Neil Incoming Gen Xers Rejuvenate Congress
11/25/2014 Forbes Howe, Neil Are We Reliving The 1930s?
11/16/2014 Deseret News National Johnson, Chandra How The Media Stereotypes Millennials
11/12/2014 Business Week Stilwell, Victoria They're Old, They're Rich And, Too Bad For The Economy, They're Kind Of Tight
10/31/2014 Forbes Howe, Neil Introducing The Homeland Generation (Part 2 Of 2)
10/27/2014 Forbes Howe, Neil Introducing The Homeland Generation (Part 1 Of 2)
10/27/2014 The Atlantic Ossola, Alexandra Why Millennials &%#@! Love Science
10/06/2014 NPR Raphelson, Samantha From GIs To Gen Z (Or Is It IGen?): How Generations Get Nicknames
09/18/2014 Bloomberg Smialek, Jeanna College Debt Leaves Generation X Grads Less Wealthy Than Parents
09/17/2014 Forbes Howe, Neil Born To Be Better Off Than Your Parents? A Recap (Part 7 Of 7)
09/04/2014 Forbes Howe, Neil The Millennial Generation, "Keep Calm And Carry On" (Part 6 Of 7)
08/27/2014 Forbes Howe, Neil Generation X: Once Xtreme, Now Exhausted (Part 5 Of 7)
08/20/2014 Forbes Howe, Neil The Boom Generation, "What A Long Strange Trip" (Part 4 Of 7)
08/13/2014 Forbes Howe, Neil The Silent Generation, "The Lucky Few" (Part 3 Of 7)
08/04/2014 Society for Human Resource Management Miller, Stephen EBRI Forum Highlights Benefit Challenges
07/30/2014 Forbes Howe, Neil The G.I. Generation And The "Triumph Of The Squares" (Part 2 Of 7)
07/30/2014 Forbes Novack, Janet,
Samantha Sharf
How Millennials Are Changing Money Management Forever
07/20/2014 CNN Luhby, Tami Millennials Say No To Marriage
07/16/2014 Forbes Howe, Neil Are You Born To Be Better Off Than Your Parents? (Part 1 Of "Generations In Pursuit Of The American Dream")
07/12/2014 The Economist (Staff) Oh! You Pretty Things
07/02/2014 Forbes Howe, Neil Millennials Struggle To Pass Life Skills 101
07/01/2014 Governing Magazine Greenblatt, Alan How Millennials Can Make Their Mark On Unions
06/27/2014 Washington Post Milbank, Dana As Leaders, Boomers Are A Bust
06/25/2014 MPR News (Staff) How Generation X Will Weather Middle Age
06/18/2014 Forbes Howe, Neil Google Knows Me, Therefore I Am
06/09/2014 Bloomberg News Smialek, Jeanna Lean Retirement Faces U.S. Generation X As Wealth Trails
06/05/2014 USA Today Snider, Mike Survey: Video Gamers More Social And More Socially Conscious
06/03/2014 Forbes Howe, Neil Gen Xers Are Managing By The Numbers
05/27/2014 The Wall Street Journal Yeip, Randy Rep. Ralph Hall Fights For Seat In Aging Congress
05/20/2014 Forbes Howe, Neil For Millennials, Happy Is The New Edgy
05/14/2014 Bloomberg News Smialek, Jeanna Recession-Baby Millennials Shun Stocks After U.S. Slump
05/13/2014 USA Today Jayson, Sharon Millennial Moms Put Their Unique Imprint On Parenting
05/06/2014 Forbes Howe, Neil Warning Lights Flash On Health Care Spending
04/22/2014 Forbes Howe, Neil The Unhappy Rise Of The Millennial Intern
03/25/2014 Forbes Howe, Neil Don't Worry, America: Millennials Still Want To Marry
01/31/2014 Forbes Howe, Neil Generation X And The New Frugality
01/25/2014 Providence Journal Howe, Neil Micro-apartments A Macro Hit With Millennials
09/28/2013 The Kansas City Star Helling, Dave Millennials Set Back By Bad Times, But Persevere
09/18/2013 WomensRadio Bell, Tamara Millennials Bringing Change To The Workplace — Part 1
09/13/2013 Yale Daily News Holmes, Tao Tao The Price Tag Of Prestige
09/06/2013 NPR TED Radio Hour (Staff) Is It Ok To Use The M-Word?
08/26/2013 Generational Edge Lynch, Amy How To Engage Generations Y & Z In Your Company
07/07/2013 Los Angeles Times Alpert, Emily Millennial Generation Is Persistently Optimistic
06/23/2013 Peak Prosperity Taggart, Adam Neil Howe: The Fourth Turning Has Arrived
03/28/2013 LifeCourse Associates (Staff) The Millennial Insurance Gap Infographic
03/27/2013 Los Angeles Times Villarreal, Yvonne CW Network Revamp Aims To Draw Wider Audience
03/26/2013 The New York Times Lowrey, Annie Do Millennials Stand A Chance In The Real World?
09/04/2012 Governing Magazine Howe, Neil What Makes The Boomers The Boomers?
07/16/2012 Newsweek Kotkin, Joel Are Millennials The Screwed Generation?
05/13/2012 Fredericksburg Patch Telvock, Dan 'Millennial Generation' Graduates From UMW
05/06/2012 Forbes Lewis, Nathan Divining The Social Security Of The Future
05/04/2012 USA Today Horovitz, Bruce Generation Whatchamacallit
02/21/2012 Risk and Insurance Magazine Reynolds, Dan Across The Generations
02/06/2012 NPR Ludden, Jennifer Helicopter Parents Hover In The Workplace
01/29/2012 The Chicago Tribune Huppke, Rex The Many Faces Of Business-casual
01/26/2012 The Chronicle of Higher Education Sander, Libby Mixed Portrait Of Freshman Political Views
12/18/2011 The Associated Press Peltz, Jennifer Occupy Protests Trigger Envy, Ire In Generation X
12/15/2011 National Journal Victor, Kirk Young Versus Old
11/23/2011 USA Today Jayson, Sharon Extended Families Are Making A Comeback
10/24/2011 USA Today Wilson, Craig In Uncertain Times, Millennials Click Back To The '90s
10/24/2011 USA Today Healy, Michelle Generation X A Bunch Of Slackers? Not So, Says New Study
10/13/2011 Forbes Serchuk, Dave The Millennial Generation Has Occupied Wall Street
10/09/2011 The Washington Times Curl, Joseph Do As I Say, Not As I Do
09/15/2011 Bloomberg Lawrence, Dune,
Zimmett, Nora
Generation X Stymied By Baby Boomers Refusing To Give Up Jobs Soon Enough
09/12/2011 Huffington Post Fairbanks, Amanda Post-9/11 Generation: Millennials Reflect On Decade Since Terrorist Attacks
09/10/2011 USA Today Spangler, Todd 9/11 Shapes Worldview Of Generation Of Kids
09/09/2011 PBS Newshour Jacobson, Rebecca Growing Up In A 9/11 World
08/19/2011 McClatchy Newspapers Shlachter, Barry For Recent College Graduates, Career Paths Often Take A Detour
08/02/2011 Financial Sense Newshour Puplava, Jim Neil Howe On The Fourth Turning And The Paths Ahead To A Foreboding Future
07/09/2011 The Wall Street Journal Thomas, Susan Gregory The Divorce Generation
06/26/2011 The Columbian Albright, Mary Ann Growing Pains And Gains For Local Preteens
06/21/2011 Market Watch Subramanian, Courtney How Baby Boomers Can Manage Younger Workers
06/12/2011 IMF Howe, Neil,
Jackson, Richard
How Ready For Pensioners?
06/08/2011 PBS NewsHour Woodruff, Judy New Grads Adapt To Job Market Realities
05/30/2011 Gannett Raasch, Chuck,
Bewley, Elizabeth
Grads Face—and Shape—a New World
05/24/2011 Financial Sense Newshour Puplava, Jim Neil Howe On The Influence Of Social Media And Technology On Politics And Industry
05/11/2011 The Motley Fool (Staff) Generations And Investing
05/05/2011 CNN (Staff) American Generations Through The Years
05/04/2011 USA Today Brophy Marcus, Mary Bin Laden's Death A Turning Point For Millennials
05/03/2011 The New York Times Zernike, Kate 9/11 Inspires Student Patriotism And Celebration
04/17/2011 The Burning Platform Quinn, Jim Years Of The Modern
04/12/2011 Tru Insights (Staff) Webinar: Uprising
04/07/2011 The Economist (Staff) Too Much, Too Young
03/25/2011 Huffington Post Stone, Andrea 'AARP For Under-30 Set' Aims To Get Fair Share For Millennial Generation
03/22/2011 Financial Sense Newshour Puplava, Jim Neil Howe Of LifeCourse Associates Discusses The Facebook Generation
03/17/2011 Los Angeles Times Hennessey, Kathleen 'The Children Of Reagan' Reshaping Congress
02/24/2011 USA Today Raasch, Chuck A Tale Of Two Political Generations
02/17/2011 Sports Illustrated Rothschild, Richard Ranking Generations Of Athletes
01/16/2011 The Christian Science Monitor Trumbull, Mark How Retirement Is Being Reinvented Worldwide
12/07/2010 Psychology Today Ray, Barbara How Will The Recession Affect This Optimistic, Institution-trusting GenY?
11/29/2010 Financial Sense Puplava, Jim The Bigger Picture With Neil Howe
11/16/2010 USA Today Hampson, Rick Senior Boom Begins Amid Economic Bust
11/04/2010 Coach and Athletic Director Janssen, Jeff Coaching Today's Athlete
11/01/2010 Bloomberg Businessweek Howe, Neil Give Effective Feedback To Millennials
10/30/2010 The Seattle Times Young, Bob Meet The Millennials: Our Most Educated Generation Faces A Most Challenging Time
10/25/2010 Smartblog Howe, Neil,
Nadler, Reena
Models For Managing Your Millennials
10/11/2010 Advertising Age Pardee, Thomas Media-Savvy Gen Y Finds Smart And Funny Is 'New Rock 'n' Roll'
09/22/2010 USA Today Jayson, Sharon Talking 'bout 'My Generation': Where Is Class Of 2000 Now?
09/01/2010 Millennial Marketing Blog Phillips, Carol The Generational Culture Gap
09/01/2010 The Market Oracle Quinn, James The Fourth Turning
08/31/2010 The Signal Eben, Iris Catering To The Millennial Generation
08/30/2010 TLNT Howe, Neil,
Nadler, Reena
Managing Millennials
08/22/2010 The Coloradoan Piotrowski, Katy Millennials Bring Unique Mindset To Workplace
08/16/2010 QSR Magazine Melnick, Jordan Generation Now!
08/15/2010 Star Tribune Reyer, Liz When It Comes To Bad Bosses, Everyone Has An Opinion
07/28/2010 The Hill Quigley, Bernie Summer Reading: Hannah Pakula’s ‘The Last Empress’
07/23/2010 Miller-McCune Preston, Ben Sussing Out Patterns In American History
07/11/2010 Washington Examiner Sherfinski, David Teens Find 2000s A 'lost Decade' For Finding Jobs
06/11/2010 Rapaport DeAngelo, Margo,
Phyllis Schiller
The New Retail Consumer
06/10/2010 The Associated Press Irvine, Martha Kids Labeled 'generation Next' Before They Grow Up
05/28/2010 The New York Times Magazine Warner, Judith The Way We Live Now
04/23/2010 The Christian Science Monitor Fisher, Jenna Millennials Keep Their Chins Up Despite High Unemployment In Economic Downturn
03/11/2010 TIME Gibbs, Nancy Generation Next
03/09/2010 USA Today Raasch, Chuck 'Millennials' Are Optimistic, Despite Recession And War
02/10/2010 USA Today Jayson, Sharon Tech-savvy 'iGeneration' Kids Multi-task, Connect
11/16/2009 The Chronicle of Higher Education Howe, Neil Still To Come: Millennials As America's Parents And Leaders
11/01/2009 Society for American Archaeology Moore, Lawrence E. Nomads And Commanders
10/11/2009 The Chronicle of Higher Education Hoover, Eric The Millennial Muddle
09/27/2009 Canwest News Service Proudfoot, Shannon Don't Look Now, But Generation X Is Middle-aged
09/11/2009 Newsweek Kalb, Claudia,
Ammah-Tagoe, Aku
Generation 9/11
09/06/2009 The Washington Times Wetzstein, Cheryl Generation X's Rough Childhood
08/31/2009 Lansing State Journal Miller, Matthew More College Freshmen Committed To Social, Civic Responsibilities, Survey Finds
08/01/2009 Psychologies Borno, Hannah Are You Born Lucky?
07/26/2009 The Tennessean Bohan, David Recession-based Spending Patterns May Stick
07/23/2009 New York Times Browne, David Harry Potter Is Their Peter Pan
07/19/2009 Harvard Business Review Erickson, Tammy Why Generation X Has The Leaders We Need Now
07/12/2009 Winnipeg Free Press Schlesinger, Joel A Depression, Or Just A Bad Mood?
06/21/2009 Los Angeles Times Winograd, Morley,
Hais, Mike
Are The Millennials The New GI Generation?
06/10/2009 Wall Street Journal Belkin, Douglas Boomers To This Year's Grads: We Are Really, Really Sorry
06/03/2009 San Francisco Weekly Jamison, Peter Funemployment
06/01/2009 Christian Science Monitor Winograd, Morley,
Hais, Mike
The Millennials Can Save Baseball
04/28/2009 Dallas Morning News Moos, Bob Boomers Turn To Community Colleges To Launch New Careers
04/19/2009 New York Times Arango, Tim Make Room, Cynics; MTV Wants To Do Some Good
03/12/2009 MSNBC Tahmincioglu, Eve Gen Xers Get Hit With Double Whammy
03/09/2009 AARP Bulletin Gamber, Lauren Lessons From The Recession
03/08/2009 New York Times Zernike, Kate Generation OMG
03/02/2009 Los Angeles Times Rodriguez, Gregory The Millennial Generation Test
02/05/2009 Sag Harbor Express Levine, Marianna [A Conversation With] Rick Delano
01/20/2009 San Francisco Chronicle Marinucci, Carla Inauguration Is A "Generational Touchstone"
01/04/2009 Washington Post Howe, Neil,
Jackson, Richard
The World Won't Be Aging Gracefully. Just The Opposite.
01/03/2009 Salem (Arkansas) News Burquest, Bret The Fourth Turning
12/17/2008 Mansfield News Journal Simon, Rob Latest Generation's Names Are A Good Start At Setting It Apart
12/08/2008 National Journal Gilbert, Mary Obama's Millennial Marketers
12/07/2008 Associated Press Irvine, Martha,
Lindsey Tanner
Youthfulness An American Obsession - At What Cost?
12/07/2008 Washington Post Howe, Neil Who Is The Real “Dumbest Generation?”
12/04/2008 New York Times Magazine Safire, William Generation What?
11/04/2008 New Geography Winograd, Morley,
Michael D. Hais
America In The Millennial Era
10/04/2008 Wall Street Journal Futterman, Matthew Under Pressure
09/30/2008 Education Week Trotter, Andrew Are 'Millennials' The Smartest Or Dumbest Generation?
08/11/2008 Ad Age Feld, Peter What Obama Can Teach You About Millennial Marketing
07/10/2008 Washington Post Hesse, Monica Baby Boomers Got The Blues
06/30/2008 Brandweek Beirne, Mike Generation Gab
06/09/2008 Baltimore Sun Cho, Hanah Generation Gap Alters Workplace Dynamic
05/19/2008 Wired Magazine Rossetto, Louis In A Letter To His Kids, Wired's Founding Editor Recalls The Dawn Of The Digital Revolution
04/01/2008 Leadership for Student Activities Howe, Neil,
Reena Nadler
Millennials Rising
07/09/2007 Advertising Age Liesse, Julie Getting To Know The Millennials
04/30/2007 Fergus Falls Daily Journal Hintgen, Tom Few Seem Connected To War
04/23/2007 The Boston Globe Swann, Daniel T. Generation Me Does Plenty For Others
04/20/2007 USA Today Koch, Wendy,
Richard Wolf
Ambitious 'Planners' Had Many Hopes For The Future
04/11/2007 St. Petersburg Times El-Khoury, Tamara Less Coveted Awards Toned Down At School
04/09/2007 Business Week (Staff) The Greening Of America’s Campuses
04/05/2007 San Diego Union Tribune Sherman, Pat Pioneer Room Will Lift A Cup To History
04/04/2007 Petaluma Argus-Courier Raines, Bob Allow Kids To Learn From Failures
04/04/2007 Vail Trail Sloane, Nicolle Your Brain: An Owner's Manual;
We Don't Like Their Music, Fashions Or Fads. Here's Why
04/04/2007 USA Today Jayson, Sharon,
Maria Puente
Gen Y Shaped, Not Stopped, By Tragedy
03/26/2007 Christian Science Monitor Lubold, Gordon Few Americans Share Iraq War's Sacrifices
03/21/2007 Arizona Daily Wildcat Stevens, Kate G. 'Millennials' May Have Jobless Future
03/02/2007 Los Angeles Times Howe, Neil,
William Strauss
Will The Real Gen Y Please Stand Up
03/01/2007 The School Administrator Schultz, Bob Millennials And The Pop Culture (Book Review)
02/24/2007 Oakland Tribune Leyden, Peter Don’t Underestimate The Millennials
02/01/2007 Camping Magazine (Staff) Millennials: Shaping The Future
01/26/2007 Los Angeles Times Fishman, Ann,
James Strock
Candidates Are Chasing The Next Generations
01/21/2007 The New York Times Broder, John M. Shushing The Baby Boomers
11/30/2006 Kansas City Star (Staff) Just Like Mom’s Cooking
11/10/2006 Sacramento Bee Dahl, Melissa Really, I'm Listening
10/29/2006 San Diego Union-Tribune Navarrette Jr., Ruben Can Obama Re-engage The Disengaged?
10/01/2006 New Orleans Times-Picayune Melendez, Michele M. 9/11 Proves To Be Defining Moment For Entire Generation
09/03/2006 Philadelphia Inquirer Kadaba, Lini S. Off To College, Sort Of
08/20/2006 Arizona Republic Felt, Susan Family Vacations Now Fun For All Ages
08/13/2006 The Oregonian Ettinger, Lainie Keslin Helicopter Parents Should Let Kids Soar: Mom’s To-Do List
07/28/2006 The Washington Post Stepp, Laura Sessions Stuff 101: College-Bound Kids Want All The ‘Essentials,’ So They Cram For The Trip To Campus
07/20/2006 The Boston Globe (Staff) A Catered Generation?
07/16/2006 Personal Finance De Villiers, Raymond From Boomer To Bust
07/10/2006 Christianity Today Leadership Journal Ward, Angie Looking For Leaders
07/04/2006 USA Today Benedetto, Richard,
David Jackson And Nick Martin
Bush Confronts The Big 6-0
06/29/2006 USA Today Jayson, Sharon The 'Millennials' Come Of Age
06/28/2006 E-Commerce Times Mello Jr., John P. Millennials Pose Challenge For Marketers
06/25/2006 The Washington Post Baker, Peter The Boomer-in-Chief Nears A Milestone: The Big 6-0
06/21/2006 Vienna/Oakton Connection DiCicco, Mike Oakton Grads Learn About Debt Repayment
06/19/2006 Free-Market News Network Quigley, Bernie Third Party Coming
06/18/2006 St. Petersburg Times Colavecchio-Van Sickler, Shannon Mommy, Tell My Professor He’s Not Nice!
06/11/2006 UPI Kiely, Kathy Older Congress Ever May Be Youthenized
06/08/2006 USA Today Kiely, Kathy Congress Is Getting Grayer But Not Ready To Retire
05/21/2006 Knoxville News Sentinel McRary, Amy The Millennial Generation: Destined To Succeed
05/15/2006 National Association of Home Builders (Staff) Baby Boomers Are Changing The Way Builders Do Business
05/14/2006 Newsday Smith, Deb Moms As Career Mentors
05/08/2006 Detroit News Smith, Deb Gay Marriage’s Future Lies With DotNet Youngsters
04/26/2006 The Daily Colonial Miller, Lexi,
Lauren Kutzmick
William Strauss On The Next Great Generation, Politics
04/25/2006 Christian Science Monitor Jonsson, Patrik High Gas Prices Propel A New ‘moped Madness’
04/17/2006 The Associated Press Hoo, Stephanie The Gap: Not Talking 'bout My Generation
04/14/2006 Washington Business Journal Nycz-Conner, Jennifer Capitol Steps Star Stages A Welcome Intervention
04/12/2006 Women’s Wear Daily Seckler, Valerie Brands' Challenge: Bridging Gap With Young People
04/10/2006 The Leader-Post (Regina)
CanWest News Service
Harris, Misty Pain Wins Over Pills
03/31/2006 Contra Costa Times Snapp, Martin Teen-organized Concert Highlights Promise Of Future
03/20/2006 U.S. News & World Report Ramachandran, Nisha New Paths At Work: Restless 20-somethings Use Their Leverage To Reshape The Workplace
03/19/2006 The Toledo Blade Lane, Tahree ‘Helicopter’ Parents: They Hover Over Their College-age Children, Unwilling To Let Go
03/12/2006 The Washington Post Linzer, Dafna The NSC's Sesame Street Generation
03/12/2006 The Washington Times Lynch, Frederick R. Defending A Boomer Legacy?
02/09/2006 Beaver County Times Russo, Robyn Officials Hope Younger People Fill Volunteer Gap
02/07/2006 The (Muncie, Ind.) Star Press Koch, Gail Gift Of Time
02/05/2006 The (Raleigh, N.C.) News & Observer (Staff) What's Ahead For Generation Y?
01/25/2006 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Carpenter, MacKenzie Young End Of Boomer Spectrum Skews Right Of The Middle
01/07/2006 The Tennessean Waddle, Ray Scholars See Baby Boomers’ Great Legacy In The Millennials
01/03/2006 South Florida Sun-Sentinel Kyles, Kyra Don't Call Them Gen Y. It's "Millennials"
12/31/2005 Oregon Magazine Zeiger, Hans The Fourteenth Generation
12/28/2005 The Bismarck Tribune Mills, Betty Boomer Generation
12/21/2005 The Denver Post Cox, Jack Families Celebrate By Giving Presence Instead Of Presents
Christmas Alternatives To The Traditional Gift Exchange Emerge As A Trend, Especially With Baby-boomer Parents And Offspring Eager To Spend Time And Travel Together
12/14/2005 Women’s Wear Daily Seckler, Valerie Gen-X Pinches Apparel Purchasing
12/11/2005 Dayton Daily News DeBrosse, Jim First Baby Boomers To Turn 60
12/04/2005 The Arizona Republic Paterik, Stephanie Hotels Face Challenge Of Generation Gap:
Boomers And Gen X, Both With Fat Wallets, Have Different Tastes In Accommodations
11/27/2005 Pensacola News Journal Fail, Angela Young Millennials Find Place In The Work Force
11/18/2005 Arizona Republic Paterik, Stephanie Hotels Try Bridging Generation Gap
11/13/2005 Los Angeles Times Rodriguez, Gregory Blame It On The Boomers
11/04/2005 The Jewish Week Birkner, Gabrielle ‘Millennials’ Forcing Big Changes At Hillel
Campus Group To Tailor A More Universal Message To Fit With New Generation Of Students
10/26/2005 The Age (Australia) Castles, Simon Boomer Times: Pampering The Brat Pack To Death
10/23/2005 The Boston Globe Glenn, Joshua X Aspiration
10/21/2005 The Chronicle of Higher Education Strauss, William,
Neil Howe
The High Cost Of College; An Increasingly Hard Sell
10/16/2005 Arizona Daily Star Scarpinato, Daniel Gen-X Parents Putting Tighter Rein On Schools
10/03/2005 Hartford Courant Klimkiewicz, Joann Kids On Crusades:
Hurricane Relief Efforts Just Part Of Dramatic Rise In Youthful Volunteers
09/25/2005 Arizona Daily Star Scarpinato, Daniel TUSD Buses To Carry Ads Next Year
Positive Messages Might Bring In Six-figure Money
09/24/2005 Austin American-Statesman Melendez, Michele M. A Generation Petrified By Fear?
Era Of Disasters Could Create Overprotective Parents, Conformist Children
09/20/2005 The Orlando Sentinel Pedicini, Sandra ‘Generation Y’ Motivated To Help Hurricane Victims
09/17/2005 Arizona Republic Corbett, Peter New TV Ads Aim To Lure Younger Set:
Visitors Bureau Spots Tout Scottsdale's Many Offerings
09/16/2005 The Business Journal of Phoenix Newpoff, Laura Scottsdale Tourism Leaders Work To Make City A Hip Destination
09/16/2005 Orlando Sentinel Pedicini, Sandra Young People Jump In To Help: A Generation Born From The '80s Onward Is Civic-minded, Experts Say
09/11/2005 The New York Times Williams, Alex Realistic Idealists
09/04/2005 The New York Times Chang, Jeff Can't Stop Won't Stop
08/26/2005 The Express-Times (Easton, Pa.) Falsone, Nick NCC Hoping For $5M Boost
Record Enrollment Accelerates Need For South Side Facility
08/04/2005 Asbury Park Press (Neptune, NJ) Martin, Patti Hovering Parents Do More Harm Than Good
08/02/2005 The School Administrator Strauss, William Talking About Their Generations
08/01/2005 The School Administrator Howe, Neil Harnessing The Power Of Millennials
07/06/2005 The Gazette (Maryland) Sedam, Sean R. Panel Touts Challenge, Caring In High School
07/02/2005 The Daily Star (Oneonta, NY) Breakey, Patricia "Entitlement Generation" Expects It All
07/02/2005 Voices Newspapers (CT) Addyman, John Shepaug Valley High School Students Graduate
07/01/2005 Campus Technology Jeffries, Rosemary E. Special Series: Technology And The CEO:[Part 3] Technology Conveniences
06/23/2005 Los Angeles Times Jones, Terril Yue 24/7, Teens Get The Message:
06/14/2005 Akron Beacon Journal Evans, Diane A Generation Turns Corner
06/04/2005 Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Kissinger, Meg The Millennials: Focused On Achievement And Raised On Technology, Babies Of Boomers Are Ready To Make Their Impact
05/31/2005 The Northwestern (Oshkosh) Warner, Bethany K. Seniors Think Of Sept. 11;
Where Were Freshmen When Event Hit
05/18/2005 USA Today Toppo, Greg Graduates Fear Debt More Than Terrorism
05/15/2005 The Boston Globe Trunk, Penelope Believe It Or Not, Moving Back Home Is Now In
05/13/2005 Wisconsin State Journal Rivedal, Karen The Changing Face Of College Graduates
05/06/2005 The Daily Texan Clark, Brian Directors Tackle 'Millennials'
05/01/2005 Baltimore Sun Neufeld, Sara Summit Aims To School Educators On Reaching Teens:
Balto. Co. Event To Focus On High School Reform
04/21/2005 Liberty (Mo.) Sun-News Dunn, Jim Meet A Group Of Some Very Nice Young People
04/19/2005 San Diego Union-Tribune Magee, Maureen Today's Youths Shaping Up As Generation Of Volunteers
04/13/2005 Ripon College Days Devlin, Sinead More Students Choosing Home
04/11/2005 Morning Call (Allentown, PA) Parker, Chris Millennium Kids Learn In Tech's Fast Lanes
03/27/2005 Sun-Sentinel (Fort Lauderdale, FL) Hogan, Mary Ann Rock 'N' Roll Rest Home
The Boomers Will Retire Into An Old Age Of Aquarius
03/22/2005 The Hotline (Staff) Overlooked: Age Before Beauty
03/01/2005 Corporate Meetings & Incentives Nelson, Bob Here Come The Millennials
03/01/2005 Reason Taylor, Jeff A. Boomer Or Bust: Reflections Of A Generational Refugee
02/27/2005 New York Post Petrecca, Laura Seniors Group In Face-Off
02/16/2005 USA Today Jayson, Sharon Yep, Life’ll Burst That Self-esteem Bubble
02/09/2005 The (Lakeland, FL) Ledger Mahoney, Rebecca Younger Generation More Likely To Blend Across Racial Lines
02/06/2005 San Francisco Chronicle Haddock, Vicki President Bush And The Messianic Boomer Imperative
01/31/2005 Denver Post Wheeler, Sheba R. More Adult Children Are Moving Back With Mom And Dad
01/20/2005 U.S. Fed News Haddock, Vicki Marines Learn Millennial Approach To Recruiting
01/16/2005 Sun-Sentinel (Fort Lauderdale) Collie, Tim It Doesn’t Add Up: Today’s Youth Are Putting To Rest Worries That Their “Millennial” Generation Would Turn Out Socially And Emotionally Inept
01/14/2005 Detroit Free Press Gopwani, Jewel With Different Work Values, Generations X, Y Wait For Boomers To Move Aside
01/12/2005 Newhouse News Service Melendez, Michele M. The ‘Next Great Generation’ Shows What It’s Made Of
01/12/2005 Roanoke (VA) Times & World News Campbell, Luke What They Say About Us-What'd You Call Me?
12/26/2004 (Hampton Roads, VA) Daily Press Yin, Sandra Parents Get Application Apoplexy
12/23/2004 (Easthampton, MA) Valley Advocate Taylor, Jeff A. Boomer Or Bust
12/19/2004 Lynn, Randy Taking Lisa Simpson’s Money
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12/13/2004 Star Tribune Barbieri, Susan M. The Parent Trap
12/02/2004 Denver Post Wheeler, Sheba R. Teens' Lifeline: 'Net-working'
11/12/2004 Deseret Morning News (Salt Lake City) Spangler, Jerry Senate Duo Among Eldest
11/07/2004 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Semuels, Alana Why Wait For Midlife Crisis When You Can Have One At 25
11/04/2004 Tampa Tribune Houck, Jeff Young Voters Did Not Fit Into Preconceived Niches
10/26/2004 Roll Call Hocking, Bree Graying Of Congress Isn’t Just Your Imagination
10/22/2004 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Ortiz, Vikki Age-appropriate Activism
10/04/2004 Pittsburg Post-Gazette Semuels, Alana Generation X Not In Giving Mood—yet
09/15/2004 The Cape Argus Codrington, Graeme Strategies To Close The Generation Gaps
09/15/2004 The New York Times Freedman, Samuel G. Weaning Parents From Children As They Head Off To College
08/01/2004 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Morris, James H. Tales Of Technology: "The Third Wave" Meets "The Fourth Turning"
07/10/2004 The Straights Times Hua, Lee Siew America Turns Prim And Proper
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07/06/2004 Scripps Howard News Service Glassman, James K. ‘Greatest Generation’ May Be The Newest
06/17/2004 Business Day (Johannesburg) Haw, Penny Xers Bored By Today’s Boomers
06/15/2004 The Washington Post Mathews, Jay Banning Parents From College Tours
06/13/2004 Los Angeles Times Avins, Mimi The New Ideal: Forever 35-ish
05/31/2004 St. Petersburg Times Ballingrud, David Generation That Defined A Nation
05/28/2004 The Baptist Standard Knox, Marv Reach Millennials By Helping Them Decode Life, Futurist Says
05/24/2004 The Seattle Times Taylor, Liz Where We’re Born In History Impacts How We Age And The Quality Of Our Golden Years
05/16/2004 The New York Times Bahney, Anna High School Heroes: Mom And Dad
05/02/2004 The Philadelphia Inquirer Dribben, Melissa College-age ‘Millennials’ Are Overscheduled—and Dealing With It
04/08/2004 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Tarlach, Gemma Out: 10 Years After Cobain, Can Grunge Speak To Spirit Of A Generation?
04/01/2004 The City Journal Hymowitz, Kay S. It’s Morning After In America
02/28/2004 The Billings Gazette Pickett, Mary Experiences Put Different Focus On Life For Millennial Generation
01/24/2004 The Philadelphia Inquirer Kadaba, Lini S. Off To College—for Parent And Child;
These Parents Hover, Stay Involved. They Want It That Way. So Do The Children.
01/03/2004 The Progress—Index (Petersburg, VA) Gray, Rick The Kids Are All Right
12/26/2003 E-Media Wire (Press Release) (Staff) 2004 Declared The Year Of The Youth Movement & New Book Articulates Youth Activist Agenda
11/13/2003 The Rutland (Vt.) Herald Harkness, Seth Author Tries To Dispel Generational Myths
11/12/2003 The Sun News (Myrtle Beach, FL) Maines, Sophia Convergence Of The Ages: Veterans, Teens Find Their Common Ground
10/01/2003 Psychology Today Paul, Pamela The PermaParent Trap
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07/28/2003 Advertising Age Elkin, Tobi Teens Now Spend More Time Online Than Watching TV
07/24/2003 Internet News Morrissey, Brian Study: Teens Use Net More Than TV
06/24/2003 Christian Science Monitor Clayton, Mark All The Presidents’ Books
06/02/2003 Christian Science Monitor Paulson, Amanda Plucky Confidence Marks Latest Crop Of College Grads
05/27/2003 The New York Times Toner, Robin Trust In The Military Heightens Among Baby Boomers’ Children
05/27/2003 Springfield News-Leader Leicht, Linda OneDay03 Provides Forum For College-age Christians
04/09/2003 WBBM Newsradio 780 Johnsson, Julie Generation Next
04/07/2003 Detroit Free Press Salij, Marta The Fourth Turning: A Crisis After The War In Iraq Is Inevitable, 2 Historians Say
04/01/2003 American Demographics Paul, Pamela Futurists/trendspotters: Neil Howe And William Strauss
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Jim Stratton
Much As They Differ, Young And Old Agree: There Will Always Be Wars
03/21/2003 Salon Williams, Ian R. Generation Gung-ho
03/19/2003 USA Today Vanderkam, Laura If Bombs Fall, Don't Stop The Party
03/05/2003 WWD Seckler, Valerie Courting Gen-Y: Forget The Hype, Find Street Cred
03/03/2003 Amusement Business Burnside, Mary Wade Expert Gives Pointers On How To Connect With Millennial Generation
03/01/2003 AXESS Howe, Neil,
William Strauss
Generation 2000: America's New Conformists
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01/31/2003 Chronicle of Higher Education Young, Jeffrey R. A New Take On What Today’s Students Want From College
01/22/2003 WWD Seckler, Valerie Firms Ignore Stretched, Skeptical Xers; Fashion Industry’s Target Marketing Of 26–36-year-olds
01/20/2003 Newhouse News Service Benson, Miles GOP Now Has Edge With Senior Voters
01/03/2003 USA Today DeBarros, Anthony New Baby Boom Swamps Colleges
01/03/2003 The Honolulu Advertiser Kaye, Ritz Mary ‘Millennials’ Search For Solutions In Religions
12/08/2002 Detroit Free Press Meriwether, Heath J. Generation Excellent: Lahser Senior, Historian Agree That Teenagers Get A Bum Rap In The Media
11/10/2002 The New York Times Hakim, Danny Talk About Generation Gaps. This One’s 38 Million Strong.
10/25/2002 Columbus Dispatch Ellis, Mark Baby Boomers Seem To Heed A Natural Impulse For International Conflict
10/13/2002 The Bergen Record Haas, Jane Glenn Are Baby Boomers A Pro-war Generation?
10/11/2002 Dallas Morning News Navarrette, Ruben Next Conflict Will Be In Good Hands
10/09/2002 Bergen Record Davenport, David For Youth, It’s Hip To Be Conservative
09/23/2002 Christian Science Monitor Strauss, William,
Neil Howe
Through Prism Of Tragedy, Generations Are Defined
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08/21/2002 The Spokesman-Review De Leon, Virginia Today's Youth Embrace Faith
08/21/2002 Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Jansen, Corissa Teens Lend A Helping Hand
08/19/2002 Amusement Business Burnside, Mary Wade Fairs Seek To Reach Younger Demographic
07/28/2002 Baltimore Sun Rivera, John Church And New Breed Of Teen Embrace At Toronto Gathering
07/27/2002 The Wichita Eagle Schaefer, Tom Teens Looking At Life In New And Refreshing Ways
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06/09/2002 The Oregonian Graves, Bill Mind-Set/Growing Up The Class Of 2002: Then And Now
05/31/2002 The New York Times Jones, Allison North The Navy And The Marines Join Forces For A Campaign With Madison Avenue
04/07/2002 The New York Times Brock, Fred Seniority; A Health Care Revolt, Remembered
03/23/2002 The New York Times Kakutani, Michiko Debate? Dissent? Discussion? Oh, Don’t Go There!
03/14/2002 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Jansen, Corissa Teenage Volunteers Give Team Effort
03/04/2002 Chain Drug Review (Staff) Trendy Teens On Cutting Edge; Cosmetics! Nails! Skin! Bath! Hair!
02/27/2002 The Washington Post Howe, Neil,
William Strauss
Generational Attitudes And Politics Set Positions In Social Security Debate
02/18/2002 Amusement Business Emmons, Natasha Back To The Future: Speakers Put Focus On What Fairs Can Expect
02/10/2002 The Buffalo News Reddy, Patrick Generation X Reconsidered
02/01/2002 Boards Magazine Hunter, Sandy Commercials Are My Anti-drug
01/28/2002 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Jansen, Corissa Teens Working To Bring Hangouts To Hometowns; Activism Reflects Spirit Of ‘millennial’ Generation
01/28/2002 United Press International Hutchinson, Martin The Bear’s Lair: Beanball For Bean Counter
01/27/2002 Sarasota Herald-Tribune Hull, Victor Authors Say Sept. 11 Bears Trademarks Of Past; Writers Offered Scenarios Strikingly Similar To Sept. 11 And Its Aftermath; Several Years Ago
01/22/2002 Sydney Morning Herald (Staff) Showdown At Mid-life Corral
01/17/2002 United Press International Chapin, James Analysis: When Political Parties Realign
01/09/2002 Wall Street Journal Shellenbarger, Sue Shift In Work-Life Relationship Will Take Hold In The New Year
01/06/2002 Dubuque (Iowa) Telegraph Herald Knefel, Don “Generations” Shows History’s Unique Cycles
01/04/2002 Contra Costa Times Snapp, Martin El Cerrito Journal: Young Volunteers Shine, Their Achievements Would Make Anyone Wonder, “What Have I Been Doing Lately?”
12/06/2001 (Arlington Heights, IL) Daily Herald Reese, Joel Defining Moments Like Pearl Harbor, JFK's Assassination And Columbine, Sept. 11 Was A Call To Action.
11/29/2001 Gannett News Service Omicinski, John Pearl Harbor Vs. Sept. 11: Some Differences, Many Uncanny Similarities
11/24/2001 Philadelphia Inquirer Burling, Stacey Sept. 11 Changed Psyche Of U.S., But How Deeply?
11/22/2001 Wisconsin State Journal (Staff) Giving Thanks For A Changed America
11/17/2001 Saturday Oklahoman (Staff) The Newsest Bookworms
11/11/2001 Philadelphia Inquirer Eisner, Jane R. More Than Ever, National Service Merits Attention
11/10/2001 Ottawa Citizen Laucius, Joanne Millennials Go To War
10/29/2001 USA Today Strauss, William,
Neil Howe
Sept. 11 Tragedy Marks Another Turning Point
10/21/2001 The Washington Times Folstad, Kim ‘Lazy’ Teen-ager Probably Just Tired
10/17/2001 Miami Herald Burch, Audra D.S. Tragedy, War May Define Gen X The Way Vietnam Shaped Boomers
10/14/2001 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Garreau, Joel Hinges Of Opportunity: When The World Moves, The Important Thing To Figure Out Is What’s Being Born
10/11/2001 San Antonio Express-News Koidin, Michelle Events Hand Generation X A 'Real Role To Play'
10/06/2001 National Journal Gorman, Siobhan Worries On Campus
10/01/2001 American Demographics (Staff) Twenty-Four Experts On American Culture And Public Opinion Look Ahead To A New Era Ushered In By The Terrorist Attacks On The World Trade Center And The Pentagon
09/29/2001 Straits Times (Singapore) Branson, Louise Readers Rush To Lap Up Chilling Prophecy
09/28/2001 San Antonio Express-News Koidin, Michelle Worries Over Generation X
09/19/2001 Dallas Morning News Johnson, Jean Nash A Kid’s Take: ‘It’s Scary’ In Words And Pictures, Children Tell How They Felt When Terrorists Attacked
09/13/2001 The Washington Post Wetzstein, Cheryl,
Karen Goldberg Goff
Reassure Children: "You Are Safe"
08/31/2001 Fort-Worth Star Telegram Mitchell, Mitch FOCUS ON FAMILY; Survey Finds Youths Putting More Emphasis On Strong Connections
08/27/2001 Christian Science Monitor Terry, Sara Seeking Jobs With Social Value
08/26/2001 Los Angeles Times Males, Mike The True ‘Great Generation’
08/14/2001 Palm Beach Post Folstad, Kim Teens Expect To Work Hard, Be Rich
08/02/2001 Newhouse News Service Melendez, Michele M. Before Baby Boomers Flooded The Postwar Scene, Generations Were Merely Branches On The Family Tree
07/15/2001 Los Angeles Times Howe, Neil,
William Strauss
Teens Shun Gross-out Movie Genre
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12/05/2000 Newsday Howe, Neil,
William Strauss
"Millennial" Kids Are New And Improved Models
12/31/1992 Atlantic Monthly Howe, Neil,
Strauss, William
The New Generation Gap


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