Workforce Consulting

At LifeCourse Associates, we’ve been researching generations, human behavior, and social trends for over 25 years. Our theories on generations have paved the way to a better understanding of human nature and contributed to better decision-making by leaders in a wide range of sectors. We have served over two hundred clients—from Nike to Merrill Lynch, from Disney to the U.S. Marine Corps, from Viacom to Ford Motor Company. A dozen federal agencies have turned to us, as have numerous associations. The generational perspective we pioneered twenty years ago now shows up in the media nearly every day. In this tradition of innovation and thought-leadership, our consulting approach is designed to take on the new challenges of today’s workforce.

In our consulting approach, we believe:

1. Employee Engagement Matters. An engaged workforce is a productive workforce. Measure and manage engagement for best results. 

2. Generations are Unique. Don't apply the same HR strategy to all a generations. What engages Millennials is very different than what engages Boomers. 

3. Credentialed experts get better results. Generational engagement is a nuanced topic. Make sure you work with a company that has a deep expertise on the social science research of generations and engagement.   

We believe that you can't manage something unless you measure it, so we begin our consulting with our proprietary LifeCourse Workforce Audit. The Audit quantifies the state of employee engagement for your company. Through the Workforce Dashboard, we help managers understand how well employees’ expectations are being met, and how well the generations are communicating with one another.