Workforce Audit

Last Updated: Nov. 15, 2012

Introduction by Neil Howe

Workforce Dashboard

The Workforce Dashboard is the first customized diagnostic tool to help managers understand generations in the workplace. Click here for a guided tour.

The LifeCourse Workforce Audit provides customized, cutting-edge research on how generational conflicts affect an organization’s bottom line. Have you wondered how generational differences impact productivity in your organization? Have you ever done the research to find out why? The Workforce Audit uncovers how the needs of different generations of workers are (or are not) being met, how well employees communicate across generations, and how engaged they are overall. It pinpoints the precise management challenges faced by your organization’s workforce and allows you to compare yourself to a national benchmark. Armed with detailed information on the critical strengths and weaknesses of your organization’s talent management, you can map a comprehensive strategy for raising the probability of success. Workforce Audit results are displayed in a powerful yet simple-to-use web interface that we call the Workforce Dashboard.