Generations in the Workforce

Why Generations Matter

There’s a reason why generations in the workforce is a hot topic: You don’t have to convince most people that generational differences matter.

In our survey of thousands of insurance industry employees, nearly three-quarters agreed that not only are there important generational differences, but they also “sometimes” or “often” pose challenges in the workplace.

Millennials in the Workplace

Everyone notices that the rising generation of young workers is different, from their early career planning to their desire for instant feedback to their comfort working in teams. Most managers see this youth workforce as a merely a liability or a challenge—but Millennials in the Workplace reveals how they could be an asset and an opportunity. Find out who the Millennials really are, what they’re looking for in their careers, and how employers, educators, and policy makers can maximize their workforce potential.

Read more about Millennials in the Workplace.

Commitment to Research

Twenty years ago, LifeCourse founders Neil Howe and William Strauss pioneered the field of generational research, and their dedication to qualitative and quantitative analysis of social trends is at the heart of our organizational mission. One of our largest areas of inquiry is generations in the workforce. We conduct our own surveys on the tensions and flashpoints for different generations of employees today, while constantly monitoring and interpreting the publically available data in this field. HR leaders turn to us first for research and integrated interpretation of generational workforce trends.



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