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Neil Howe has released a report entitled Generations in Pursuit of the American Dream, an examination of the rising (or falling) living standards of five successive U.S. generations. The report discusses how the choices and experiences of these generations have shaped their economic outcomes. Howe reviews how each generation was viewed by others, how it redefined the American Dream, how it tried to achieve that dream, and how it was helped or hurt along the way by external events.

This report was originally published as a series of Forbes columns from July to September 2014. The content is adapted from a keynote Howe delivered at a St. Louis Fed symposium entitled “The Balance Sheets of Younger Americans: Is the American Dream at Risk?” The symposium was designed to consider new ideas and policy recommendations to meet the economic challenges of younger Americans. Video of Howe’s keynote speech is available here. Also available to view are a Q&A session and an extended interview.

About Neil Howe:

Neil Howe is a historian, economist, and demographer who writes and speaks frequently on generations, the economy, and social change. He is the President of LifeCourse Associates and Saeculum Research and has authored nine books on American generations. He has also authored numerous books and policy reports on demographics, most recently The Graying of the Great Powers (2008). He is a senior associate at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, where he helps lead the Global Aging Initiative.

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