Nickelodeon hires LifeCourse Associates for Trend Consulting

Last Updated: Jul. 7, 2014

LifeCourse Associates has signed a one-year contract with Nickelodeon to provide research and consulting services on media and generational trends.  The collaboration will focus on Nickelodeon’s newly-launched research project examining the impact of 9/11 on the Millennial Generation. 

This project, which will assess the historical and personal significance of 9/11 among 6-to-28 year olds, will be conducted using qualitative surveys in addition to online and in-person focus groups. Nickelodeon is especially interested in exploring key beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors that differentiate early and late-wave Millennials. LifeCourse will provide generational insight and analysis of the results throughout each stage of the project.

During a special edition of Nick News following the 9/11 terrorist attacks, host Linda Ellerbee invited viewers to send letters expressing their support for rescue workers, police, and firefighters, which Nickelodeon would pass on to their intended recipients. The network received more than 40,000 letters from children around the country, who shared their fears, prayers, and messages of hope. This project will revisit selected individuals who wrote letters as children and are now emerging adults. A 10th anniversary special that will incorporate this research and address kids’ questions about 9/11 is scheduled to air on Nick News in the fall.


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