LifeCourse Releases Generational Leadership Database

Last Updated: Jul. 7, 2014

LifeCourse is pleased to announce the release of a revolutionary new tool for the study of U.S. political history: the Generational Leadership Database. This is a graphical and interactive information center to allow our readers and all history researchers to investigate generations of American political leaders.

At LifeCourse, we are often asked about the political leadership exercised by each generation, both in our own lifetimes and going back in American history. Once readers become accustomed to thinking about generations born at a particular time with their own location in history, their own attitudes and beliefs, and their own sense of collective identity, they want to know more about the timing of each generation’s political ascendancy and decline. How are such peer groups concentrated by region? How do they lean by political party? When did they take over Congress? How early did they enter office and how long did they live? The LifeCourse Leadership Database is designed to help users ask and answer just these kinds of questions.

We invite you to browse an overview of generational facts and trends over the entire sweep of U.S. history-or you can use our interactive query tools to answer specific questions about  a particular region, timeline, political party, or cohort group.