LifeCourse Associates Releases New "Winter of History" DVD

Last Updated: Jul. 7, 2014

LifeCourse Associates is proud to present our latest product, a full-length DVD entitled “The Winter of History: An Interview with Neil Howe on The Fourth Turning.” The DVD, recorded in 2008 and 2009, features an extensive interview with LifeCourse Associates President Neil Howe, discussing the premise of his landmark 1997 book The Fourth Turning, co-authored with William Strauss. In the interview, Howe and host Bill Delano discuss a wide range of topics, from the generational forecasting method which Howe and Strauss pioneered to the changing mood of American history and the implications for today's society. Featuring as well an in-depth discussion of business and financial trends, this DVD serves as an invaluable companion piece to The Fourth Turning and provides an updated look around the corner of history.

You can find more information about "The Winter of History" here, or in our bookstore alongside all of our LifeCourse publications.