The 11 Best Pieces Of Advice For All Millennials From The Under 30 Summit

Last Updated: Oct. 22, 2015

October 7, 2015 | By Samantha Sharf

This week more than 1,500 young movers and shakers gathered in Philadelphia for FORBES’ second annual Under 30 Summit. Snagging an invite required a spot on our annual Under 30 list, which honors people 29 and younger who have changed the world — by building technologies that make daily life easier, by dreaming up recipes that bring joy and by finding solutions to the world’s most intractable problems.

Overachievers? Absolutely, but they share more with the average 20-something than meets the eye. Like you they have dreams and insecurities and big questions about the future.

Historian and demographer Neil Howe, who coined the term Millennial for the group born from around 1980 to 2000, says that every generation has a persona. That does not mean every member is the same — as some marketers and spotty researchers would have you believe — but that they share certain experiences that ingrain a view of the world that is unique from the generations before and after.

According to Howe every generation is made up of three types of people – those that lead the trends, those that follow them and those that fight against them. The Under 30s are arguably the leaders. Wherever you fall on the spectrum there is a benefit in learning what the leaders have to say.