Arthurian Generation

Last Updated: Mar. 16, 2008

The Arthurian Generation (Hero, born 1433–1460) grew up during England’s demoralizing retreat from France, an era of a rising pessimism and civil disorder. Raised amid elder hopes that they might save the kingdom, the Arthurians came of age with a civil war that did not end until 28-year-old Henry Tudor established his “new monarchy.” Entering midlife, they closed ranks around a manly new era of prosperity (led by wool exports), social discipline (led by busy local magistrates), and strong central government (led by the new Star Chamber). Entering old age, they enclosed fields, printed books, and planned voyages to the New World—securing a reputation for chivalric teamwork immortalized in Morte Darthur, their generation’s treasured epic. (ENGLISH: King Edward IV, King Henry VII, John Cabot, William Grocyn, John de Vere; FOREIGN: Leonardo da Vinci, Christopher Columbus)

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