Associates at LifeCourse

Victoria Hays, Marketing and Events Director

Victoria joined LifeCourse in 2003. After more than 15 years at LifeCourse, she understands the critical needs of our company’s high-profile speakers and the requirements of major companies and associations who book our services. Victoria oversees LifeCourse’s efforts to establish strong relationships with prospective clients, and she represents and markets LifeCourse through social media, videos, and our web site.

Giorgia Howe, Social Media Marketing Coordinator

Giorgia interned for LifeCourse Associates for several years before taking on a full-time role in 2014. She manages LifeCourse's online presence, including coordinating social media and updating the website. She also helps publicize new print and video content. She is a graduate of McGill University, where she received a B.A. in Economics with a minor in History and Italian Studies.


Sean Carmichael, Research and Writing Associate

Sean joined LifeCourse in 2014. He researches and writes on a wide spectrum of issues through a generational lens, and assists with client projects. He is a graduate of George Mason University, where he earned a B.A. in English and a minor in Sport and American Culture, making him uniquely suited to writing about sport and its broader societal implications.


Katie Kane, Research and Writing Associate

Katie joined LifeCourse in 2014. She researches and reports on a variety of social and demographic trends. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Affairs and Sociology from the University of Virginia. She is particularly interested in international trends and social behavior. 



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