Generations in the News: Archive

Below are selected articles about generations in the media.

Note: Those authored by Neil Howe and/or William Strauss are highlighted light yellow; those in which Howe and/or Strauss have been quoted are marked with an orange asterisk before the title (∗)

Date Media Outlet Writer/Reporter Headline
12/31/2005 Oregon Magazine Zeiger, Hans The Fourteenth Generation
12/28/2005 The Bismarck Tribune Mills, Betty Boomer Generation
12/21/2005 The Denver Post Cox, Jack Families Celebrate By Giving Presence Instead Of Presents
Christmas Alternatives To The Traditional Gift Exchange Emerge As A Trend, Especially With Baby-boomer Parents And Offspring Eager To Spend Time And Travel Together
12/14/2005 Women’s Wear Daily Seckler, Valerie Gen-X Pinches Apparel Purchasing
12/11/2005 Dayton Daily News DeBrosse, Jim First Baby Boomers To Turn 60
12/04/2005 The Arizona Republic Paterik, Stephanie Hotels Face Challenge Of Generation Gap:
Boomers And Gen X, Both With Fat Wallets, Have Different Tastes In Accommodations
11/27/2005 Pensacola News Journal Fail, Angela Young Millennials Find Place In The Work Force
11/18/2005 Arizona Republic Paterik, Stephanie Hotels Try Bridging Generation Gap
11/13/2005 Los Angeles Times Rodriguez, Gregory Blame It On The Boomers
11/04/2005 The Jewish Week Birkner, Gabrielle ‘Millennials’ Forcing Big Changes At Hillel
Campus Group To Tailor A More Universal Message To Fit With New Generation Of Students
10/26/2005 The Age (Australia) Castles, Simon Boomer Times: Pampering The Brat Pack To Death
10/23/2005 The Boston Globe Glenn, Joshua X Aspiration
10/21/2005 The Chronicle of Higher Education Strauss, William,
Neil Howe
The High Cost Of College; An Increasingly Hard Sell
10/16/2005 Arizona Daily Star Scarpinato, Daniel Gen-X Parents Putting Tighter Rein On Schools
10/03/2005 Hartford Courant Klimkiewicz, Joann Kids On Crusades:
Hurricane Relief Efforts Just Part Of Dramatic Rise In Youthful Volunteers
09/25/2005 Arizona Daily Star Scarpinato, Daniel TUSD Buses To Carry Ads Next Year
Positive Messages Might Bring In Six-figure Money
09/24/2005 Austin American-Statesman Melendez, Michele M. A Generation Petrified By Fear?
Era Of Disasters Could Create Overprotective Parents, Conformist Children
09/20/2005 The Orlando Sentinel Pedicini, Sandra ‘Generation Y’ Motivated To Help Hurricane Victims
09/17/2005 Arizona Republic Corbett, Peter New TV Ads Aim To Lure Younger Set:
Visitors Bureau Spots Tout Scottsdale's Many Offerings
09/16/2005 The Business Journal of Phoenix Newpoff, Laura Scottsdale Tourism Leaders Work To Make City A Hip Destination
09/16/2005 Orlando Sentinel Pedicini, Sandra Young People Jump In To Help: A Generation Born From The '80s Onward Is Civic-minded, Experts Say
09/11/2005 The New York Times Williams, Alex Realistic Idealists
09/04/2005 The New York Times Chang, Jeff Can't Stop Won't Stop
08/26/2005 The Express-Times (Easton, Pa.) Falsone, Nick NCC Hoping For $5M Boost
Record Enrollment Accelerates Need For South Side Facility
08/04/2005 Asbury Park Press (Neptune, NJ) Martin, Patti Hovering Parents Do More Harm Than Good
08/02/2005 The School Administrator Strauss, William Talking About Their Generations
08/01/2005 The School Administrator Howe, Neil Harnessing The Power Of Millennials
07/06/2005 The Gazette (Maryland) Sedam, Sean R. Panel Touts Challenge, Caring In High School
07/02/2005 The Daily Star (Oneonta, NY) Breakey, Patricia "Entitlement Generation" Expects It All
07/02/2005 Voices Newspapers (CT) Addyman, John Shepaug Valley High School Students Graduate
07/01/2005 Campus Technology Jeffries, Rosemary E. Special Series: Technology And The CEO:[Part 3] Technology Conveniences
06/23/2005 Los Angeles Times Jones, Terril Yue 24/7, Teens Get The Message:
06/14/2005 Akron Beacon Journal Evans, Diane A Generation Turns Corner
06/04/2005 Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Kissinger, Meg The Millennials: Focused On Achievement And Raised On Technology, Babies Of Boomers Are Ready To Make Their Impact
05/31/2005 The Northwestern (Oshkosh) Warner, Bethany K. Seniors Think Of Sept. 11;
Where Were Freshmen When Event Hit
05/18/2005 USA Today Toppo, Greg Graduates Fear Debt More Than Terrorism
05/15/2005 The Boston Globe Trunk, Penelope Believe It Or Not, Moving Back Home Is Now In
05/13/2005 Wisconsin State Journal Rivedal, Karen The Changing Face Of College Graduates
05/06/2005 The Daily Texan Clark, Brian Directors Tackle 'Millennials'
05/01/2005 Baltimore Sun Neufeld, Sara Summit Aims To School Educators On Reaching Teens:
Balto. Co. Event To Focus On High School Reform
04/21/2005 Liberty (Mo.) Sun-News Dunn, Jim Meet A Group Of Some Very Nice Young People
04/19/2005 San Diego Union-Tribune Magee, Maureen Today's Youths Shaping Up As Generation Of Volunteers
04/13/2005 Ripon College Days Devlin, Sinead More Students Choosing Home
04/11/2005 Morning Call (Allentown, PA) Parker, Chris Millennium Kids Learn In Tech's Fast Lanes
03/27/2005 Sun-Sentinel (Fort Lauderdale, FL) Hogan, Mary Ann Rock 'N' Roll Rest Home
The Boomers Will Retire Into An Old Age Of Aquarius
03/22/2005 The Hotline (Staff) Overlooked: Age Before Beauty
03/01/2005 Corporate Meetings & Incentives Nelson, Bob Here Come The Millennials
03/01/2005 Reason Taylor, Jeff A. Boomer Or Bust: Reflections Of A Generational Refugee
02/27/2005 New York Post Petrecca, Laura Seniors Group In Face-Off
02/16/2005 USA Today Jayson, Sharon Yep, Life’ll Burst That Self-esteem Bubble
02/09/2005 The (Lakeland, FL) Ledger Mahoney, Rebecca Younger Generation More Likely To Blend Across Racial Lines
02/06/2005 San Francisco Chronicle Haddock, Vicki President Bush And The Messianic Boomer Imperative
01/31/2005 Denver Post Wheeler, Sheba R. More Adult Children Are Moving Back With Mom And Dad
01/20/2005 U.S. Fed News Haddock, Vicki Marines Learn Millennial Approach To Recruiting
01/16/2005 Sun-Sentinel (Fort Lauderdale) Collie, Tim It Doesn’t Add Up: Today’s Youth Are Putting To Rest Worries That Their “Millennial” Generation Would Turn Out Socially And Emotionally Inept
01/14/2005 Detroit Free Press Gopwani, Jewel With Different Work Values, Generations X, Y Wait For Boomers To Move Aside
01/12/2005 Newhouse News Service Melendez, Michele M. The ‘Next Great Generation’ Shows What It’s Made Of
01/12/2005 Roanoke (VA) Times & World News Campbell, Luke What They Say About Us-What'd You Call Me?