Generations in the News: Archive

Below are selected articles about generations in the media.

Note: Those authored by Neil Howe and/or William Strauss are highlighted light yellow; those in which Howe and/or Strauss have been quoted are marked with an orange asterisk before the title (∗)

Date Media Outlet Writer/Reporter Headline
12/26/2004 (Hampton Roads, VA) Daily Press Yin, Sandra Parents Get Application Apoplexy
12/23/2004 (Easthampton, MA) Valley Advocate Taylor, Jeff A. Boomer Or Bust
12/19/2004 Lynn, Randy Taking Lisa Simpson’s Money
12/14/2004 WKSU-FM (Kent, OH) Niedermier, Kevin Money And The Millennial Generation
12/13/2004 Star Tribune Barbieri, Susan M. The Parent Trap
12/02/2004 Denver Post Wheeler, Sheba R. Teens' Lifeline: 'Net-working'
11/12/2004 Deseret Morning News (Salt Lake City) Spangler, Jerry Senate Duo Among Eldest
11/07/2004 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Semuels, Alana Why Wait For Midlife Crisis When You Can Have One At 25
11/04/2004 Tampa Tribune Houck, Jeff Young Voters Did Not Fit Into Preconceived Niches
10/26/2004 Roll Call Hocking, Bree Graying Of Congress Isn’t Just Your Imagination
10/22/2004 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Ortiz, Vikki Age-appropriate Activism
10/04/2004 Pittsburg Post-Gazette Semuels, Alana Generation X Not In Giving Mood—yet
09/15/2004 The Cape Argus Codrington, Graeme Strategies To Close The Generation Gaps
09/15/2004 The New York Times Freedman, Samuel G. Weaning Parents From Children As They Head Off To College
08/01/2004 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Morris, James H. Tales Of Technology: "The Third Wave" Meets "The Fourth Turning"
07/10/2004 The Straights Times Hua, Lee Siew America Turns Prim And Proper
07/10/2004 Washington Post Mathews, Jay Parents Casting A Shadow Over College Applicants
07/06/2004 Scripps Howard News Service Glassman, James K. ‘Greatest Generation’ May Be The Newest
06/17/2004 Business Day (Johannesburg) Haw, Penny Xers Bored By Today’s Boomers
06/15/2004 The Washington Post Mathews, Jay Banning Parents From College Tours
06/13/2004 Los Angeles Times Avins, Mimi The New Ideal: Forever 35-ish
05/31/2004 St. Petersburg Times Ballingrud, David Generation That Defined A Nation
05/28/2004 The Baptist Standard Knox, Marv Reach Millennials By Helping Them Decode Life, Futurist Says
05/24/2004 The Seattle Times Taylor, Liz Where We’re Born In History Impacts How We Age And The Quality Of Our Golden Years
05/16/2004 The New York Times Bahney, Anna High School Heroes: Mom And Dad
05/02/2004 The Philadelphia Inquirer Dribben, Melissa College-age ‘Millennials’ Are Overscheduled—and Dealing With It
04/08/2004 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Tarlach, Gemma Out: 10 Years After Cobain, Can Grunge Speak To Spirit Of A Generation?
04/01/2004 The City Journal Hymowitz, Kay S. It’s Morning After In America
02/28/2004 The Billings Gazette Pickett, Mary Experiences Put Different Focus On Life For Millennial Generation
01/24/2004 The Philadelphia Inquirer Kadaba, Lini S. Off To College—for Parent And Child;
These Parents Hover, Stay Involved. They Want It That Way. So Do The Children.
01/03/2004 The Progress—Index (Petersburg, VA) Gray, Rick The Kids Are All Right