Generations in the News: Archive

Below are selected articles about generations in the media.

Note: Those authored by Neil Howe and/or William Strauss are highlighted light yellow; those in which Howe and/or Strauss have been quoted are marked with an orange asterisk before the title (∗)

Date Media Outlet Writer/Reporter Headline
12/08/2002 Detroit Free Press Meriwether, Heath J. Generation Excellent: Lahser Senior, Historian Agree That Teenagers Get A Bum Rap In The Media
11/10/2002 The New York Times Hakim, Danny Talk About Generation Gaps. This One’s 38 Million Strong.
10/25/2002 Columbus Dispatch Ellis, Mark Baby Boomers Seem To Heed A Natural Impulse For International Conflict
10/13/2002 The Bergen Record Haas, Jane Glenn Are Baby Boomers A Pro-war Generation?
10/11/2002 Dallas Morning News Navarrette, Ruben Next Conflict Will Be In Good Hands
10/09/2002 Bergen Record Davenport, David For Youth, It’s Hip To Be Conservative
09/23/2002 Christian Science Monitor Strauss, William,
Neil Howe
Through Prism Of Tragedy, Generations Are Defined
09/15/2002 Orange County Register Haas, Jane Glenn Boomers Show Attitude Change Is Timeless
09/13/2002 Kiplinger Business Forecasts Schneider, Andrew C. Gen X: Managers Of A Different Stripe
09/09/2002 Brandweek Marciniak, Justin Out Of The Box; Why Aren’t They Worried?
09/07/2002 Philadelphia Inquirer Eisner, Jane Give Class Of 2006 A Chance To Create Its Own Syllabus
09/01/2002 American Demographics Nayyar, Seema Looking Back, Moving Forward
08/21/2002 The Spokesman-Review De Leon, Virginia Today's Youth Embrace Faith
08/21/2002 Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Jansen, Corissa Teens Lend A Helping Hand
08/19/2002 Amusement Business Burnside, Mary Wade Fairs Seek To Reach Younger Demographic
07/28/2002 Baltimore Sun Rivera, John Church And New Breed Of Teen Embrace At Toronto Gathering
07/27/2002 The Wichita Eagle Schaefer, Tom Teens Looking At Life In New And Refreshing Ways
07/17/2002 Associated Press Zoll, Rachel Born To Pray? Religious Leaders Pin Their Hopes On ‘millennial’ Generation
06/09/2002 The Oregonian Graves, Bill Mind-Set/Growing Up The Class Of 2002: Then And Now
05/31/2002 The New York Times Jones, Allison North The Navy And The Marines Join Forces For A Campaign With Madison Avenue
04/07/2002 The New York Times Brock, Fred Seniority; A Health Care Revolt, Remembered
03/23/2002 The New York Times Kakutani, Michiko Debate? Dissent? Discussion? Oh, Don’t Go There!
03/14/2002 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Jansen, Corissa Teenage Volunteers Give Team Effort
03/04/2002 Chain Drug Review (Staff) Trendy Teens On Cutting Edge; Cosmetics! Nails! Skin! Bath! Hair!
02/27/2002 The Washington Post Howe, Neil,
William Strauss
Generational Attitudes And Politics Set Positions In Social Security Debate
02/18/2002 Amusement Business Emmons, Natasha Back To The Future: Speakers Put Focus On What Fairs Can Expect
02/10/2002 The Buffalo News Reddy, Patrick Generation X Reconsidered
02/01/2002 Boards Magazine Hunter, Sandy Commercials Are My Anti-drug
01/28/2002 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Jansen, Corissa Teens Working To Bring Hangouts To Hometowns; Activism Reflects Spirit Of ‘millennial’ Generation
01/28/2002 United Press International Hutchinson, Martin The Bear’s Lair: Beanball For Bean Counter
01/27/2002 Sarasota Herald-Tribune Hull, Victor Authors Say Sept. 11 Bears Trademarks Of Past; Writers Offered Scenarios Strikingly Similar To Sept. 11 And Its Aftermath; Several Years Ago
01/22/2002 Sydney Morning Herald (Staff) Showdown At Mid-life Corral
01/17/2002 United Press International Chapin, James Analysis: When Political Parties Realign
01/09/2002 Wall Street Journal Shellenbarger, Sue Shift In Work-Life Relationship Will Take Hold In The New Year
01/06/2002 Dubuque (Iowa) Telegraph Herald Knefel, Don “Generations” Shows History’s Unique Cycles
01/04/2002 Contra Costa Times Snapp, Martin El Cerrito Journal: Young Volunteers Shine, Their Achievements Would Make Anyone Wonder, “What Have I Been Doing Lately?”