Generations in the News: Archive

Below are selected articles about generations in the media.

Note: Those authored by Neil Howe and/or William Strauss are highlighted light yellow; those in which Howe and/or Strauss have been quoted are marked with an orange asterisk before the title (∗)

Date Media Outlet Writer/Reporter Headline
12/06/2001 (Arlington Heights, IL) Daily Herald Reese, Joel Defining Moments Like Pearl Harbor, JFK's Assassination And Columbine, Sept. 11 Was A Call To Action.
11/29/2001 Gannett News Service Omicinski, John Pearl Harbor Vs. Sept. 11: Some Differences, Many Uncanny Similarities
11/24/2001 Philadelphia Inquirer Burling, Stacey Sept. 11 Changed Psyche Of U.S., But How Deeply?
11/22/2001 Wisconsin State Journal (Staff) Giving Thanks For A Changed America
11/17/2001 Saturday Oklahoman (Staff) The Newsest Bookworms
11/11/2001 Philadelphia Inquirer Eisner, Jane R. More Than Ever, National Service Merits Attention
11/10/2001 Ottawa Citizen Laucius, Joanne Millennials Go To War
10/29/2001 USA Today Strauss, William,
Neil Howe
Sept. 11 Tragedy Marks Another Turning Point
10/21/2001 The Washington Times Folstad, Kim ‘Lazy’ Teen-ager Probably Just Tired
10/17/2001 Miami Herald Burch, Audra D.S. Tragedy, War May Define Gen X The Way Vietnam Shaped Boomers
10/14/2001 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Garreau, Joel Hinges Of Opportunity: When The World Moves, The Important Thing To Figure Out Is What’s Being Born
10/11/2001 San Antonio Express-News Koidin, Michelle Events Hand Generation X A 'Real Role To Play'
10/06/2001 National Journal Gorman, Siobhan Worries On Campus
10/01/2001 American Demographics (Staff) Twenty-Four Experts On American Culture And Public Opinion Look Ahead To A New Era Ushered In By The Terrorist Attacks On The World Trade Center And The Pentagon
09/29/2001 Straits Times (Singapore) Branson, Louise Readers Rush To Lap Up Chilling Prophecy
09/28/2001 San Antonio Express-News Koidin, Michelle Worries Over Generation X
09/19/2001 Dallas Morning News Johnson, Jean Nash A Kid’s Take: ‘It’s Scary’ In Words And Pictures, Children Tell How They Felt When Terrorists Attacked
09/13/2001 The Washington Post Wetzstein, Cheryl,
Karen Goldberg Goff
Reassure Children: "You Are Safe"
08/31/2001 Fort-Worth Star Telegram Mitchell, Mitch FOCUS ON FAMILY; Survey Finds Youths Putting More Emphasis On Strong Connections
08/27/2001 Christian Science Monitor Terry, Sara Seeking Jobs With Social Value
08/26/2001 Los Angeles Times Males, Mike The True ‘Great Generation’
08/14/2001 Palm Beach Post Folstad, Kim Teens Expect To Work Hard, Be Rich
08/02/2001 Newhouse News Service Melendez, Michele M. Before Baby Boomers Flooded The Postwar Scene, Generations Were Merely Branches On The Family Tree
07/15/2001 Los Angeles Times Howe, Neil,
William Strauss
Teens Shun Gross-out Movie Genre
07/15/2001 Kansas City Star (Staff) Generation Why: Call It A Mid-midlife Crisis